Nada Odeh, curated the space at the Middle Eastern Section in The Solo Project in Brussels, Belgium. She worked with Noura Charaf who created this three dimensional model to help galleries learn more about the space where the Solo Project will take place.

Watch the three dimensional space design video here

SU Rowing Boathouse Museum

The curatorial team had the opportunity to explore largely untouched primary source collections, Syracuse University Archives, and then choose objects, interview some key figures in the Club’s history and develop and write the story of SU Rowing to curate and design an exhibit for the Syracuse University Boathouse Museum.

Co-curator: Nada Odeh


A collection of artwork, with different mediums like painting, photography, and drawing. Artists who participated in the exhibit are from different age groups and immigrants that reside in Upstate New York state. The exhibit was curated in the summer of 2021.

Watch the virtual exhibit here

Curator: Nada Odeh

The Museum Of Palestinian People

Nada Odeh curated the first exhibits at the museum and was a consultant on space and logo design.

The narrative was to focus on the Palestinian people and to engage the public with different forms of art like videos, artwork, photos, and artifacts in addition to documents, passports, and birth certificates that represent the Palestinian people.

Nada Odeh selected artists for the exhibits, documented the collection and the artifacts, curated the final collection, and prepared objects and visuals to be installed in addition to text panels.

The objects and visuals included in the exhibits were: Paintings, photos, videos, ceramics, posters, documents.


The Dice Player

Haya Zaatri

The gallery and exhibits

Desiging the museum exhibits and opening